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About Baz Trio

Nuance, subtlety and sincerity are key words when describing Baz Trio’s music: a spontaneous vibe rooted in the special bond that unites the 3 young musicians. A music that takes its time and highlights acoustics and silence. Baz Trio builds its unique sound on the compositions of double bass player Basile Rahola, and very personal interpretations of pianist Wajdi Riahi and drummer Oscar Georges. The variety of interpretations gives strength to their musical universe, nourished by all three inspirations. The trio is noted for its unique interaction and gives birth to a diverse, singular and melodic music. They won the «Best Band» award at the Mechelen International Jazz Contest 2018 and recorded a live album at Jamboree Jazz Club during one of their tour in Spain. Baz Trio just signed with Fresh Sound New Talent for their future album due for 2020.

portrait de Basile Rahola - Baz Trio

Basile Rahola - Double bass Basile Rahola, double bass player and bass guitarist, began playing the electric bass in 2001 at the age of 7 at the IEFAR (Institut Européen de Formation aux Arts Rythmiques) in Montpellier. There, he followed lessons until the age of 13 and then pursued his training with a private instructor until he was 16 years old. In 2012, he followed jazz workshops with the pianist Pierre Coulon-Cerisier and continued to learn and practice the bass with Alfred Vilayleck. After graduating in 2013, he registered in the jazz department of the ENM of Villeurbanne (Lyon) where he began learning the double bass, and followed lessons with musicians such as Pierre Baldy-Moulinier, Thierry Beaucoup and Gilbert Dojat. During the next 4 years in Lyon, Basile Rahola makes repeated appearances on stage and in clubs of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and all France but also at international (Spain, Belgium, Italia, Tunisia, UAE, Sweden, Germany, Maroco...). , and developping projets such as a duo with canarian guitar player Octavio Hernández, various concerts with italian guitar player Mino Lanzieri, singer Lena Chamamyan, but also leading his own project, the Baz Trio with tunisian pianist Wajdi Riahi and french drummer Oscar Georges. Now he continues his musician life in Barcelona where he plays in different places and jazz clubs of the city, without stopping moving around Europe.

portrait de Wajdi Riahi - Baz Trio

Wajdi Riahi - Piano Born on the 20th of Septembre 1995, jazz pianist and member of the Tunis Jazz Club. Wajdi Riahi graduates in Arabic music in 2011. In 2015 he plays into the Hard Bop Project and makes his first jazz concert with the others members of the Tunis Jazz Club. In 2016 he takes part in the Jazz Itinerary, a serie of concerts organized by the association of the Tunis Jazz Club and a course at the AKDT in Libramont (Belgium) with jazz piano, improvised music and composition classes. In 2017, Wajdi plays in Darimba, the projet of the Tunisian bass player Wassim Ben Rhouma. Then, he creates his own project North Africa with which he wins three prices : Tanit bronze, the best composition price and the « Ahmed Litaiem » price for the best soloist. Wajdi also took part in the Master Class of the American pianist Barry Harris in Italy. Currently, he is studying at the Royal Conservatory of Buxelles with the pianist Éric Legnini.

portrait de Oscar Georges - Baz Trio

Oscar Georges - Drums Oscar Georges began to play music at the age of 12, studying classical percussion at the National Conservatory of Lyon with professor Attilio Terlizzi. He started playing jazz drums in 2009, at the “Enfants du Jazz” program in Barcelonnette, directed by Stéphane Kochoyan, and would go on to study with Guilhem Flouzat and Julien Loutelier. In 2011 he participated in the Crescent Jazz program in Macôn, where he studied under Stéphane Foucher and had the oppor tunity to open for the Robert Glasper Experiment. Beginning in 2011, he began studying percussion with Jean Luc Rimey Meil, under whose tutelage he would later go on on to finish his degree in percussion and receive his DEM (Degree in Music Studies) in 2014. He then went on to study jazz drumming at the ENM (National Music School) of Villeurbanne with Michel Chionchini.
Since 2012, Oscar has played a wide variety of music, often jazz but also groove, chanson française, and world music (African, Brazilian, and Cuban) in various jazz clubs in the Lyon region, including the Hot Club of Lyon, the Clef de Voûte, and the Périscope club. He has also played concerts with classical ensembles, such as “OrKestrA Percussion” and the Brass Band of Lyon, with which he won a prize at the 2013 National Brass Band Championship at the Lyon Auditorium. After receiving his DEM in classical and jazz percussion in 2014, Oscar founded his own quintet, the OG Loq Cinq Têtes. He has opened for notable acts, such as Ben Wendel, Dan Tepfer, Rémi Panossian, Laurent de Wilde at the “Un Doua de Jazz” festival. He also par ticipated in the Baie Jazz Program, studying under Stéphane Huchard, and deepened his proficiency in Cuban percussion with Isel Rasua. Oscar continues to play regularly with his own quintet as well as a sideman in other groups, including the Marc Cabrera trio, Stamp, Baz Trio and Big Band. Since 2015, he has been studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Thomas Grimmonprez. And now studying at Flamish Royal Conservatory (KCB) with Lionel Beuvens and Stéphane Galland.




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